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Mentoring for MoHack 2018

The second edition of MoHack took place at Saint Esprit College on Sunday, December 16. MoHack is the first student hackathon in Mauritius geared toward high school and university students. The hackathon was organized by Kifah, who also happens to be a high school student at Saint Esprit College.

Veegish and I reached the venue around 9 AM. Some students were already on place and Kifah, Logan, Bruno, Daniel, and Nathan were busy ensuring that everything was ready. Each participant received a badge.

Shortly after, GitHub booklets were distributed to all participants. The booklets introduced the GitHub workflow by explaining various git commands, how to fork a repository, work with issues, and create a pull request.

Some participants were having problems connecting to the internet due to the large number of laptops and mobile phones connected to a single access point. Logan resolved the issue by configuring the routers such that there is more than one access point.

Opening Keynote

Around 11:15 AM, Logan kick-started the hackathon through an opening keynote. He started by explaining the purpose of the hackathon.

He also talked about his university experience when he was a student and his contributions to the open-source community.

Logan also explained how to stay relevant on the tech job market and stressed the importance of contributing to open-source software. Finally, he introduced the concept of source control and explained how to setup a GitHub account.


Lunch was served at noon. Kifah distributed the food just outside the hall.

The Kick-off

Just after lunch, a link to the tasks to be done for the hackathon was sent to all participants by email. The tasks were categorized in terms of programming language and difficulty. The more difficult ones carried more marks. Everyone was heads down, busy working to complete as many tasks as they can.

The mentors – Logan, Kifah, Bruno, Veegish, Daniel, Nathan, and I helped the attendees with things like setting up their GitHub account, installing and configuring git, forking and cloning a repository, making commits and opening a pull request. Vina took awesome shots as the hackathon unfolded.

Tea Break

After 2 hours of intensive coding by the participants, it was time for the tea break. Everybody took a pause to eat some delicious cakes.

After the tea break, the attendees resumed their work.

What Got Done

By 4:30 PM, the event was mostly over.  Some attendees had already completed quite a number of tasks. The participants will have 1 week to complete all of them, and the winners will be announced shortly after.

MoHack was very constructive for the participants. We got them to learn about the git workflow and to register on GitHub, and they are ready to get involved in open-source software more than ever.

Kifah immortalized that day by taking a group selfie with the attendees.

Before going home, cool stickers were distributed to the participants.

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